Vibration plate does not work Possible Causes
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1 , the power supply voltage is insufficient ---- The reason is simple , certainly not up to the standard voltage is not working anymore .
2 , the vibration plate and the connection between the controller can cause breakage ---- conductor disconnect power supply was not working properly .
3, the controller causes the fuse blows fuse blows ---- circuit breaker was not working properly !
4 , the coil lead circuit breaker blown ---- does not work !
5, the coil and the frame gap is too small or too big ---- gap is too large to not work !
6, there are parts stuck in between the coil and the skeleton parts ---- cards also often see the problem !
7 , the vibration plate against a hard object ---- cause vibration or frequency error can not be normal !
Top plate or chassis encounter other equipment vibration plate vibration fatigue or too slow , sporadic or irregular feeding, may be due to :
1 elastic spring break or spring failure .
2 floor plate is too thin or broken .
3 Install countertops defects, lack of hardness . If suspended in the device table, will cause vibration too weak , countertop thickness should be at least 1-1/2 " , so as not to absorb vibration , must be equipped with cylindrical foot triangular support piece .
4 countertop is not level , then the flat tops can work !
5 disc with debris affect the normal operation of machinery !
6 coil gap should be as small as possible , there will be unexpected problems if excessive .
7.Machine fast pace cause parts to fall from the vibration plate .
8 power fluctuations or voltage instability problems !
9 controllers need to re- adjust to power fluctuations .
10 Part Question: tolerance , bending , oil and so on.
11 and the base plate fastening screws are not tight or the wrong position .
12 parts too easily lead card material issue.
13 chassis adjust properly, try not to move the chassis !
14 . Material changes should be trimmed back and re- tune the disk chassis .
15 In the case of using a blower may cause some problems may exist: pressure instability , air pollution , water or oil , these contaminants will remain in the vibration plate surface , resulting in feeding does not go even slower . Gas supply must be clean , dry, with a separate regulator, filter. Do not use rigid pipe will reduce feeding performance. Flexible hose should be used .
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