Vibration plate installation / commissioning instructions
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A vibration plate installation instructions :
1 Open the package , you should check whether the machine and accessories packing slip .
2 Check whether the host ministries tighten loose .
3 damping element must make when installing the corresponding holes in the top and bottom .
4 height and horizontal vibration plate after adjusting the lower seat fastened to the bracket or mounting plate .
5 In the vibration plate outlet when connecting to the corresponding parts leave some space , so as not to affect the function of the vibration plate .
6 vibration plate electrical connector mounted on the electrical control box ( Note: The electronic control box must be waterproof and oil ) , connected to 220V or 110V power supply, turn on the switch , turn the potentiometer slowly and gradually achieve the required feed quantity can, pay attention : before power is turned on , be sure to potentiometer to the minimum, so as not to damage the SCR .
※ electromagnet and the armature of the gap and the elastic element has been adjusted at the factory , under normal circumstances do not have to adjust .
7 vibration plate in normal operation after two years, the various parts of the chassis should be open , and the various parts of the dust, dirt cleaned, re- assembly and commissioning, so as to achieve the required number of feeding .
Second, the vibration plate adjustment procedure and points
( A ) confirm the vibrating body is indeed located in the disk locking
( 2 ) adjusted to the middle position of the controller buttons
( 3 ) The power is turned on , check whether the vibration plate conveyor speed to meet the requirements
( 4 ) If you do not meet the requirements , the locking tabs to pay any one of the screws loose , check the vibration velocity changes
( 5 ) If the shrapnel loose screws , vibration speed becomes faster , it means too thick shrapnel , shrapnel moderate reduction in the quantity or thickness , and then proceed to step ( 4 ) , re- commissioning
( 6 ) or otherwise the modest increase in the thickness of the tabs , and then proceed to step ( 4 ) , re- commissioning
( 7 ) if the step ( 4 ) the adjustment of small changes in vibration velocity , then the adjustment has been completed tabs
( 8 ) To align the electromagnet gap in 1 --- 1.5mm, the gap to be parallel
Third, the order of a suitable vibration plate , we must first fully understand your requirements and situation with the host
( 9 ) used in the production of the workpiece official samples or drawings
( 10 ) Vibration plate feed direction ( clockwise, counterclockwise )
( 11 ) when the workpiece in the vibrating plate export status , the expected rate
( 12 ) Vibration plate space limitations and installation location , power \ supply situation
( 13 ) Exterior coatings and other requirements ( Delivery usually 7 --- 15 days , free installation, three-year warranty )
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