Automation technology
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Warehouse automation technology in the field ( including the main warehouse ) in the development can be divided into five stages: artificial storage phase, mechanized warehouse stage , automated warehouse stage , integrated and intelligent automated warehousing warehousing stage stage . In the late 1990s and the 21st century, a number of years , the intelligent automated warehouse automation technology will be the main direction of development.
Materials transportation, storage , management, and control of major rely on manual implementation and intuitive when in fact is obvious advantages. Artificial warehousing technology in the initial equipment investment and economic indicators also has advantages.
Material can pass through a variety of belt, industrial trucks , robots , cranes, stackers and lifts to move and transport , with the shelf tray and removable shelf storage of materials, mechanical access devices through manual operation , with the limit switch , spiral mechanical brake and mechanical operation of the monitor and other control equipment . Mechanization meet people speed, accuracy , height, weight , repeat access and handling requirements.
The third stage
Stage is automated warehousing technology for warehousing technology and automation technology played an important role in promoting. The late 1950s and 1960s , have been developed and adopted AGV (AVG), automatic shelf , automatic access to robots, automatic identification and automatic sorting systems. 70 's and 80's , rotation asanas shelves, mobile shelves, roadway stackers and other handling equipment have joined the ranks of automatic control , but this time only a partial automation of each device and each individual application , known as the "Automation island . " With the development of computer technology , shifted their focus to the control and management of materials , require real-time , coordination and integration between computers , data collection points , machinery and equipment, controllers and between them and the communication between the host computer can aggregate information in a timely manner , the warehouse computer records ordering and timely arrival time, display inventory, planners can easily make sourcing decisions , they know what is being produced to provide for what goods , what time what made goods, management personnel at any time master supply and demand . Application of information technology has become an important pillar of warehousing technology .
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