Energy vibration plate which links the main control circuit?
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Energy vibration plate control circuit, generally with a freewheeling diode half-wave rectifier circuit thyristor. It includes some of the following links.

A given voltage link
RC π by the bridge rectifier and voltage regulator tube type filter circuit outputs a stable DC voltage as the reference voltage. Master potentiometer adjustment, you can change the size of a given voltage, enabling the motor speed reducer.

Second, the negative feedback loop speed

Coaxial feed speed associated with the load, it will speed into three-phase AC voltage, the three-phase bridge rectifier and capacitor filter output negative feedback DC signal. By adjusting the speed of negative feedback potentiometer can adjust the amount of feedback. The purpose of using speed negative feedback is to increase the hardness of the motor mechanical properties, so that energy vibrating disk speed is not changed due to changes in load.

Three, phase shift and trigger links
Synchronous voltage of the sawtooth voltage single transistor or trapezoidal wave synchronous single-crystal pavilion trigger circuit.

Adjust master potentiometer, if the increase in a given voltage, the input control voltage to increase the trigger, and thus trigger output pulses forward, thyristor phase angle α decreases, the clutch excitation voltage is increased, and thus speed up; Conversely, if the reduction for a given voltage, the speed is decreased.

Fourth, the comparison and amplification links
Given voltage and the feedback signal comparison (subtraction) after the input transistor amplifier, the amplified control signal input trigger (input ago by forward and reverse limiter).

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