Vibration plate in the light industrial machinery as "roles" and the potential
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Vibration plate is an automatic assembly machinery auxiliary equipment, can flush out a variety of products ordered, it can be used with automatic assembly equipment together various parts of the product are assembled into a complete one product. Vibration plate in addition to meet the product may be used for directional sorting sorting, detection, counting and packaging, is a modern high-tech products. Is to solve industrial automation equipment for materials necessary equipment.
 At present, many light industrial machinery, electronic appliances, metal watches, medicine, food, batteries, connectors, spray valves, and other industry products automated or semi-automated production and assembly of the workpiece material are used for automatic sorting automatic feeding vibration plate. Vibration plate Dimensions: Vibration plate is non-standard products, a wide range of areas covered. Its size but also because of the size of the logistics can design different size, diameter ranging from 80mm to 1000mm.
Therefore, the order needs to be done to provide vibration plate vibration plate ① product pictures or send samples to our company. Assess whether the product is suitable for vibration plate ② ③ fax order form to our company to provide products for vibration plate debugging.
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